Tales from the Noösphere

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Track List

1. Renaissance

2. Hopscotch

3. Daybreak

4. Double Helix

5. Grace Note

6. Coraline Waltz

7. Three's A Chrarm

8. Taji's Theme

9. Umbria

about the recording

    Fifteen years after the release of our first collection of improvisational works, Mark and I were being urged by our respective partners, Laura and Debbie, to create more of this music. We were moved by their great appreciation for our work, until it occurred to us that they probably just wanted us out of the house. Not a bad thing, really. Inspiration comes in many forms. So, in October of 2020, we got into it, although much to the dismay of our partners, we never actually left the house. At least, the first time we were in a studio in the basement. This time round, it was right in the living room. Be careful what you wish for, ladies.

    We make this music by clearing our minds, and then we listen. One of us plays something, and the other responds. Most of it is gibberish, because our minds wander and we lose focus. And then, out of nowhere, order emerges from chaos, like a million monkeys finally typing a sonnet, and a song is born. We do end up having to sift through a lot of dreck so you don’t have to listen to it. You’re welcome. But when we get in the zone, and merge our consciousness, good things happen.

    This is where the word noösphere comes in. One aspect of the noösphere is a kind of virtual community formed by shared consciousness, and the energy created by linked minds. I’ve been intrigued by this concept for a long time, and having shared it with Mark, we agree it’s an apt metaphor for what we do. When we lock onto a theme in mid-stream, we try to remember what we’ve done as we go, and develop it on the fly. The result can be as if we composed the piece in advance. In the end, it may not matter that this music was not preconceived or rehearsed, as long as you like it. But we think it’s really cool, so humor us - we have fragile egos. Enjoy!

CGB - October, 2021


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