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Chandler Travis
Chandler is a renowned musician from Provincetown, MA, whose reputation spreads far beyond the Cape. Any attempt to describe Chandler's musical style would not do him justice. Let it suffice to say that in keeping with the tradition of PopFree, he is a serious musician who doesn't take himself too seriously. Check him out - it will make your day.

Spiritual Rez
Another great Boston-based group playing reggae-dance-funk-git-me-some-serious-party-music. See a show. You won't regret it.

Ballake Sissoko
This guy doesn't have a website, but he should. Incredible virtuoso kora player from Mali. His music is indescribably beautiful. Try any one of his discs to set the mood at your next gathering of friends. Everyone will want to know ...


All About Jazz
Great newsletter that lets you know all the cool things happening in the world of jazz. They will mail you a calendar of events in your area every week. is a great repository of documentaries, interesting instructional videos on thousands of subjects, and a wealth of other great information that will definitely enhance your party patter. Get a subscription and it's all at your fingertips. Look for David White's documentary on two absolutely extraordinary photographers, Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor, here:

Futura Productions
Futura is, in our humble estimation, the finest recording and post-production facility in the Boston area, nay New England. John Weston, the owner and chief engineer, should be wearing wizard's robes, although he is far too modest for that sort of swanking. John can bring the dead back to life with Pro Tools. The main recording room is magnificent - they have recorded 60 piece orchestras in this space, and the gear list is phenomenal. If you are considering a facility for any project, you simply must see this site. Or, just check it out and dream ...

CB Fisk Organ Builders
CB Fisk is a company of dedicated and incredibly talented artisans who have revived the art of building organs with mechanical tracker actions and pre-gothic voicings. PopFree artist Frank Taylor played his releases on one of Charlie Fisk's organs at Old West Church in Boston. This site is fascinating, and learning more about these magnificent instrumets will enrich your soul.


mind expansion

Noosphere Project
I swear I'm not making this up - scientists in the math department at Princeton discovered about 20 years ago that the energy of collective human consciousness is measurable. They found that when major world events happen like 9/11 and the tsunami in Asia, when billions of people are thinking the same thing at the same time, machines (like their computers) behave differently. They first discovered it when computers designed to generate random number sequences (used as a benchmark for comparative analyses) became non-random when these major world events happened. Not just one machine, but many, in different buildings, and, they discovered later, at other facilities. Scientists all over the world have corroborated these findings, and over the last 20 years the project goal has been to study this effect. Looks like some of that "paranormal" stuff may be more normal than we thought. This is a fascinating website.


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