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about the music

"Equinox"  was a work in progress - an extension of the concepts the artists started working with on the "Muse" CD. They stopped work on the project in 2005, so this single, originally intended as a promotional release for the full album, is all there is. Even as a stand-alone piece, it is interesting, and we hope you'll agree, well worth repeated listening. You can stream the title track on YouTube or Spotify.

Bassist Chris Beuscher, said:
 " We're trying to create pieces with the structural integrity and lyrical qualities of pre-written and arranged music, completely on the fly - out of thin air.  We want to make music, without the usual modern structural clichés like pentatonic phrasing, root key signature and meter, that is still accessible to people with traditional musical tastes.  This is dangerous, and probably subversive. Do not try this at home!"


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