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about the disc

"Equinox"  was a work in progress - an extension of the concepts the artists started working with on the "Muse" CD. They stopped work on the project in 2007, so this single, originally intended as a promotional release for the full album, is all there is. Even as a stand-alone piece, it is remarkable, and well worth repeated listening. You can buy the title track now in MP3 by email. See below.

  A quote from bassist Chris Beuscher, during the sessions in 2005:
 " We're trying to create pieces with the structural integrity and lyrical qualities of pre-written and arranged music, completely on the fly - out of thin air.  We also want to avoid the traditional structural clich├ęs of most modern music - pentatonic phrasing, root key signature, meter, to name a few, but still create music that is widely accessible to people with traditional musical tastes.  This is dangerous, and probably unpatriotic. Do not try this at home!"


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