Are you ready for something new? Do you have trouble finding music that is as exciting as it is strange? PopFree Records is here to help.

We're promoting music for listeners, serious and casual, who are looking for something different. At PopFree, outside the mainstream is just a start. We've redefined the word eclectic. If you spend any time in music clubs, or like to browse the dark corners of the web, you know that there is a lot of great music out there that isn't getting enough attention. There's a lot of good stuff out on the fringes, and it's all out there waiting for you, if you know where to look - like here, for instance. So welcome to our dark corner of the web. There are some talented people here, and we're always looking for more.

Please check out our artists' work, and if you like it, buy it! That's the surest way to keep the good stuff coming.

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October 2019

We are still preparing the second release of PopFree Artist Frank Taylor, a double album of the complete works of the noted 17th century organist and composer, Louis Marchand. The release is scheduled for December 2019. Marchand was a contemporary of Pierre DuMage and Jean-Francois D'Andrieu, whose works are featured on Mr.Taylor's first PopFree release. Both recordings were played on the magnificent Charles Fisk organ at Old West Church in Boston. You can read more about the artist, the composers, and hear the music HERE

The Charming Bastards have re-formed and are booking dates starting in December, featuring grat new players and a fresh set. Check it out on their artist page.

January 2018

We proudly announce the addition of two new artists to PopFree, Dorothy Barnhouse and Renee Grant-Williams. Their seminal work, the only complete recording of the Brahms duets for voice, will be released on all outlets early in February. You can read their artist pages to learn more about this wonderful release HERE

November 2017

We are happy to announce the imminent and long-overdue release of Frank Taylor's performance of the works of Louis Marchand on the incomparable Charles Fisk organ at Old West Church in Boston. Re'mastering of the original recordings is underway, and the release should drop some time in January 2018. Stay tuned!

August 2017

Our label's house band, the Charming Bastards, has done another video shoot, this time at the one and only Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA. The first three of seven music videos are up on our Youtube channel, so check them out, and if you like 'em, please post links in your favorite social media haunts. Thanks in advance! Stay tuned for the next four videos, and a global release of a live album from the show later this year.

February 2017

While we were in Havana, we saw, among other mind-blowing groups, Michel y su Grupo de Latin Jazz. Check these guys out on their Facebook page, and YouTube. Absolutely smokin' band from Colombia. Here are some pics we shot of the band in Havana.

December 2016

Our trip to Cuba over Christmas was a revelation, to say the least! Highlights included the 32nd International Cuban Jazz Festival, where we saw amazing artists from Cuba and all over the world at a variety of venues around Havana. We also saw a concert by our good friend and host, Amanda Palmer, at the indescribable venue, Fabrica de Arte. We were also invited to participate in her video Christmas card from Havana - see it HERE. We also came back with a fistful of CD's of local artists to check out for potential partnerships. A full blog post on this amazing experience will follow ater we've had time to digest it all, and when the rum wears off.

October 2016

PopFree announces a discovery trip to Cuba late this year to meet with artists and help promote the music of this global cultural treasure. Stay tuned!

September 2016

Great show for the CB's at the House of Blues in Boston!

December 2015

PoPFree is moving headquarters to downtown Boston - in the lovely South End, a cultural aplayground. Should make scouting for new artists a little easier.

August 2015

Gigs comiing up for the Bastards this month and into the Fall - check out listings at www.charmingbastardsband.com


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